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News from Royal Crest


18/06 - What a nice surprise! Best young Golden at Orvieto Club Show

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I was so thrilled with the unexpected 1 EXC in Young class from Sue Almey. It is a funny story because after the entire class was shown under this judge, and only the excellent were called back in, we were not one of the numbers (which meant RCG I'm Still Standing Shalimar, a.k.a. Sally Scendi, got a very good). O.k. I ran back up to our area, which was at the other end of the park, to get one of the dogs that was in another ring (we entered only one bitch, and four dogs were judged by an Italian judge in another ring), Shalimar was put in her crate, and I took out one of the dogs that was due to go in the dog ring.  Coming back down with a dog, the ring steward from the bitches, ran into me and told me there was a mistake, and Sally was to come back into the young bitch ring for the final line-up. So I ran back to our area, put away the dog, and took Sally Scendi back to the ring. This only happened because Ms. Almey remembered Sally and wondered why she was not in the ring. Incredible, but true. Sally Scendi won the class and Best Young.  Wow, was I happy.

Royal Crest Gold-n I’m Still Standing Shalimar - BEST YOUNG GOLDEN

It was so rewarding for our kennel that our ONLY bitch written into the Club Show , had such wonderful results. 

Thank you judge Sue Almey for Sally’s BEST YOUNG GOLDEN award .

Int'l Empoli 11/06 - A new Generation facing the future!

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We were so thrilled that under judge Kay Creamer, Royal Crest dogs did well again in Empoli .

Trojan was best male with CACIB, Sunbeam won the CAC, and best of all, the daughter of Trojan, RCG I'm Still Standing Shalimar, won her young class, and did best bitch, and BOB!

She went on to do 3rd BOG (watch the video).  What a wonderful day.  I was so happy!  Trojan's daughter beat her father!  That is what breeding is all about.  The new generation is better than the last.  Not so easy, but that is what we try and do.  I always want a better golden.  It was so nice to have an expert judge that judged the dog, not the lead.

We thank the group judge, Sig. Buratti, for appreciating the quality of our golden in the group.


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Having heard from ENCI.

Maverick is missing an International ticket. 

The error occurred because we mistakenly thought the CAC won at the International Insurbia winner was a Mostra speciale instead it was CAC in Raduno within the International.

In other words, Maverick needs another CAC in an International show to complete his required tickets for Italian CH.  

Sorry about the error.



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 ..Foto di Emanuele

We are so proud of Matteo and Royal Crest Gold-n Black Maverick.  After completing his tickets last week for Ch. Italiano di Bellezza, Matteo went out for his first time in the ring this Sunday, with Royal Crest Gold-n Black Maverick at national show in Seveso.

He not only won the breed, but won the group, and finished with 3rd BEST IN SHOW!!.  Thank you to the judge Mr. Domenico Di Matteo BOB  Mr. Gianercole Mentasti BOG and BEST IN SHOW, Mr. Enrico Adinolfi,who appreciated this golden  


Siamo orgogliosi che Royal Crest Gold-n Black Maverick, dopo aver completato il suo campionato Italiano  di bellezza,Domenica, all'esposizione nazionale canina di Seveso con  Matteo, alla sua prima uscita nel ring,hanno vinto non solo il Best of breed  ma anche, il Best of group e si sono classificati al terzo posto al BEST IN SHOW!!.

Grazie ai giudici, Sig. Domenico Di Matteo BOB,Sig. Gianercole Mentasti BOG e per il BEST IN SHOW, Sig. Enrico Adinolfi che hanno apprezzato le qualità di questo golden.





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ROYAL CREST GOLD-N BLACK MAVERICK wins his LAST TICKET at the National of Legnano, which makes him eligible for the status of Italian Show Champion!  Thanks to all the judges!!
He follows his sisters, CH. Royal Crest Gold-n Black Orchid and Ch. Royal Crest Gold-n Black Velvet (also TOP DOG ENCI 2010) from the first litter of Ch. Royal Crest Gold-n Halloween Trick or Treat(Trojan) Wow!
..Foto di Emanuele


Thank you Roberta and Matteo
for believing in their special golden, and all their help with the entire
Royal Crest Family.  They have demonstrated that they care about all the family, not just their dog.  Very extraordinary indeed!!!




..Foto di Emanuele





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