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News from Royal Crest


Top Honors of the Year 2009 (Again)

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Top Honors of the Year 2009

We, at Royal Crest, are very proud that once again, we have achieved the top honors of the year 2009 with our goldens.

A Legend never dies…

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A Legend never dies…

A legend never dies…Bow will live on in my heart, and his soul, will live on through his progeny and their descendents, continuing to prove (like his ancestors) that a true “Dual Purpose” Golden does exist.  He remains the top winning golden in field and show in Italian history of golden retrievers.

A thank you to all the breeders’ whose lines have contributed to create these special goldens.   

Hopefully, we can carry on these traditions thru collaboration between us, most of all for the breed.  

Royal Crest Gold s.a.s.r.l, was conceived with Bow in mind.  I am sorry he will not be able to be here to see it, but he will observe us from “Over the Rainbow”

Sonic Boom Royal Crest

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Sonic Boom Royal Crest 

Royal Crest Gold-n Sonic Boom has recently left us to go “Hunting in the Sky”!   I am so proud of his achievements (International Show Ch., French Field Trial Ch.)  proving to be a REAL dual purpose ambassador for the golden retriever breed, being the first golden in France to obtain a dual purpose title.  Not only that, he is the only golden who has won the title of “B&B ,Best of show, and best of field”, an official title that is registered on the pedigree , two times.

My heart goes out to Michele for losing her special boy, but feel so very lucky, that she and Bernard brought out the very best of this GOLDEN wonder, who will never be forgotten, in his fifteen years,  by them or  me.  He is a piece of golden history in Europe.  I can only thank them for what they did for this pioneer of the Golden Retriever breed.  



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